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Website Speed & Optimization

Website Speed / Optimization

Why Is Website Optimization Important? Website optimization is important because it helps your website visitors be more successful with their visits to your website. … When you optimize your website you are making it easier for your site visitors to accomplish those tasks.

We can help you with the following Website Optimization services:

◉ CDN setup
◉ Object caching
◉ Lazy load images
◉ Fixing bad request
◉ Optimize the image
◉ Full website backup
◉ Serving scaled images
◉ Database optimization
◉ Enable Gzip compression
◉ Delete unnecessary script
◉ Reduce the total page size
◉ Leverage browsing caching

How this helps your website?

◉ Better Google PageSpeed Insight Results
◉ A+ Gtmetrix results
◉ Full site optimization
◉ Faster load times

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